Travelling to Doha, Qatar | What to expect 2021

Qatar has opened its borders to anyone with a valid visa or residency permit to enter the country under certain conditions.

The first and foremost requirement to enter the country is to have an exceptional entry permit. You can apply for the permit via Metrash2 and can be printed from the below website

MOI Qatar-Print Exceptional Return Permit

Without the permit you wont be allowed to board from the country you are travelling from to Qatar. You will need to carry a printed copy of the same.

Once you have obtained an entry permit the next step is to check and book hotel for quarantine and flight tickets. First check if there are hotels available on Discover Qatar website the date you are planning to travel. Then head over to the airline page and book your flight tickets. Upon booking your flight tickets immediately return to the Discover Qatar website and book you quarantine package. You will need to book your flights tickets first since you will need to provide these details when booking your quarantine hotel.

Process at boarding Airport

  • QID or Visa verification.

  • Exceptional entry permit verification.

  • Hotel booking for quarantine verification.

  • **RT-PCT Covid Test verification taken 96 hours before (Only applicable for Qatar Airways flights).

  • Flight ticket verification and printing boarding pass.

Process once you land in Qatar

  • Body temperature check on the way to immigrations.

  • EHTERAZ application verification on your mobile and stamping on your entry permit.

  • Hotel booking verification and stamping on your entry permit.

  • Immigration verification and stamping on passport.

Upon completion of these you will be directed to collect your luggage. After luggage collection you have to proceed to Discover Qatar counter and they will direct you to an exit for airport transfer to hotel. Depending on the number of flights you may have to wait in line for quite a while till you get to board the taxi. Ladies and Families are given preference to board faster.

The whole process is streamlined and is very efficient. As long as you have all your documents in order there wont be any delays and all processes at both airports can be completed quickly.


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