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For motel transfer from the airport is via a shared Bus. You might have to wait till the bus is full for it to leave the airport. Normally the wait time is around 1 hour.

Once you reach the Motel you will be transferred to a Villa with all the bus occupants in the same villa. Your luggage will be kept outside the villa. Make sure you carry all your valuables with you in small hand luggage. Once there you will be provided with water and food as well a restroom is available. Next, you shall wait to be called for registration. Once the staff is ready for your registration you shall be directed to the registration villa. Once inside they split you as per your nationality to different rooms. This is done so during the registration and room allotment you shall get the shared room with the same nationality. The staff will brief you on the documents required for registration and guide you through the process.

After registration, you will be guided to take the COVID test (Results will be sent to your mobile number the next day) to the next villa. Once the test is done and the sample is collected you will be directed to collect your luggage and wait for another bus to transfer you to your villa. Once your room allotment is done they will call you and ask you to board the bus. Once the bus reacher your compound you will be directed to your assigned room in the villa. Each villa has 4 rooms on the ground floor and 4 rooms on the first floor. Each room will have two-person unless you have booked for single occupancy on which case you will have a single room for yourself.



Breakfast: Bread, Honey or Jam, Chappati, Vegetable curry(each day different), 3 Teabags, 3 Sugar packets, and Juice.

Lunch: Chappati or Kubus, White rice, Dal, Non-Veg(Mutton, Chicken, and Fish on rotation), Vegetable curry, biscuit, and Apple.

Dinner: Chappati or Kubus, White rice, Dal, Non-Veg(Mutton, Chicken, and Fish on rotation), Salad, Vegetable curry, Sweet(Payasam), and Juice.

Things you will need to bring

  • Brush and Paste

  • Towel and bathroom toiletries

  • Snacks

  • Personal medicines, hygiene, and grooming kits

You get a small welcome kit depending on availability.

There is a common kitchen where a kettle and fridge are located for the use of everyone in the villa.

Personal items from outside can be delivered to be location mentioned below from 4 pm to 9 pm. During these hours a vehicle will go to the main gate to collect the items and shall be delivered to your room. You should provide your name, phone number, room number, block, and building number to the security at the gate when delivering the item.

You are allowed to walk around the villa and outside as well. But you are not allowed to leave the compound.

Overall the motel is good and does justice to the price. There is no TV or Wifi so bring along books or a laptop for spending time.

You can find various data plans for your mobile here.


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