Hotel Quarantine Qatar 2021

Three types of quarantines are available for everyone arriving in Qatar and can be booked from Discover Qatar Website. There is a set of hotels for arrivals from all Red zone countries and another set of hotels for recently high risk countries. Also there is shared motel available. The list of hotels available are as below

All rooms are as shown in the hotel website as linked above.

Hotel quarantine guidelines

For the duration of the 7-day quarantine, guests are subject to strict measures outlined in the guidelines as follows:

  • Guests are not allowed to leave their rooms

  • Guests are not allowed to access hotel facilities such as pool, restaurant, gym etc

  • Guests will have their meals delivered to their rooms

  • Guests will be permitted to order food online and receive personal item deliveries. However, said personal items will not be allowed to leave the hotel until the quarantine period has elapsed

  • Guests are not allowed to receive visitations of any kind

  • Guests may share a room only with family members (a maximum of two adults and one child per room)

  • Guests will have access to laundry facilities (at a cost)

You may get a wide range of food as per you preference three times a day.

Those who are exempt from hotel quarantine

According to MoPH Qatar, certain criteria of people are exempted from hotel quarantine and may head straight to home isolation, as follows:

  • ​​​Those over 55

  • ​Those who have had an organ or spinal cord transplant

  • Those who receive immunosuppressive therapy

  • ​Those who suffer from heart disease

  • Those who suffer from moderate to severe asthma

  • Those who receive cancer treatment

  • Pregnant women

  • Babysitting mothers with children up to five years old

  • Those who suffer from kidney failure

  • Those with chronic liver disease

  • Those with lower limb amputation

  • ​Those with disabilities who require support to carry out activities

  • ​Disabled children and their mothers

  • Those who suffer from epilepsy and receive treatment

  • Those with diabetic foot

  • Those with immediate relatives who have died in the 10 days prior to their arrival

  • Those receiving treatment for mental and psychiatric illnesses, and people suffering from claustrophobia

  • Those who suffer from diabetes and receive treatment

  • ​Those who have high blood pressure


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